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10 Fantastic date ideas for Valentines ...and beyond!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, or should I say, down the hall and in the sitting room!?

Lockdown doesn’t have to spoil the fun. We’ve come up with some great ideas for fab date nights, for Valentines and beyond…

1. Bridgerton fun 

Dress up and watch an episode of Bridgerton together (or other TV drama, if you prefer). Afterwards, talk about your favourite characters: what do you like / dislike about them?

2. Ice cream sundaes.

Make OTT ice cream sundaes together. Buy as many possible trimmings and go to town. Selection of recipes...

3. Travel the world

Travel’ to a new location by cooking a meal inspired by a particular country, listen to some folk music and dress up as if you’re on holiday.

4. Come dine with me’ 

Share the courses between the two of you — and then rate them afterwards if you dare!!

5. Salsa

Take an online salsa class — look up on YouTube

6. Pub crawl in your home

Yes, even the bathroom! Turn the lights low, sit on the floor …you decide.

7. Picnic on the living room floor.

Go to town — get out a rug and cushions and dust off the Christmas lights, stringing them across the room. Unpack your picnic (homemade, or treat yourself to goodies from the supermarket) and a bottle of something special.

8. Car Date

Have a takeaway in the back of the car — park it in front of the house if you have children. 

9. Make cocktails / mocktails together. 

Need inspiration? Check out recipes: cocktails and mocktails

10. Treasure hunt

Buy your partner a small gift and hide it. Leave a trail of clues around the place with one leading to the next. Add a chocolate or sweet to each wrapped clue to keep your partner smiling. 

Our top tip for those with children — get a lock for the bedroom door!


PS — Post a couple of yourselves on your date on Facebook or Instagram #ToucanTogether

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