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How it works

Learn more about each other and work towards your relationship goals in just 10 minutes at a time. Use Toucan Together on any device and enjoy content together or individually - it's totally flexible and you set the pace.

1. Take your pulse

Start by taking our short, research-based quiz, which gives you a map of your relationship in 7 key areas, personalised recommendations and next steps.

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Toucan together take your pulse

2. Create your account

Your answers to quizzes, individual exercises, personal tracking, bookmarks and any notes you make are kept in your own private account. Only you see what's in your account, even when partnered.

Pick up your Toucan Together account from any device, whether on the mobile app or via your web browser.

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3. Invite your partner

You'll see combined Pulse results and unlock the whole of Toucan Together when partnered.

Engage with your recommended Toucan Module to hear from couples sharing stories of what they've struggled with and learned, get creative insights, and learn new life skills. Complete exercises and quizzes to find out more about yourself.

The app brings you together at the end of modules for a Couple Time, to share answers and talk about what's relevant for you.

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Reluctant partner?

There are a number of reasons why your partner might be hesitant to download and start using Toucan.

See our tips to help you have conversations with your partner, so they can give Toucan Together a chance.

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With Toucan you will…

Discover deeper ways to communicate

Find positive approaches for resolving arguments

Learn to speak each other's Love Languages™

Build friendship, intimacy, and a great sex life

Develop constructive ways to manage money together

Grow through relationship challenges

Strengthen commitment and trust

As you journey with Toucan Together…

Learn new relationship skills as you explore important topics: communication, resolving disagreements, coping with a new baby, managing money together, love, sex and much more!

Receive regular insights into your relationship, track growth areas and your strengths with Pulse.

Enjoy loads of great bonus material and rewards.

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Be assured that we take your privacy seriously and your data is kept securely.

Toucan together as you journey
We love Toucan Together since it’s really easy to use. We liked that you can go at your own pace.

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