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8 Romantic date ideas for Valentines Day

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Looking for a way to avoid the hype, steer clear of cliches but still show your partner how much they mean to you? Toucan has you covered. 

Valentine’s Day is just that, a day. It’s important to demonstrate your love for your partner everyday of the year but that doesn’t mean Valentine’s Day can’t be special! Here are some alternatives to the classic flowers and chocolates to inspire some romantic fun with your love.

For example, buy a game to play with each other. Gift your partner a cookbook, and cook through one of the recipes together. Alternatively surprise your partner with something to wear, or perhaps something to take off. 

Valentine's Day Gift

Find a nice neighbourhood, and as you walk make up stories for the lives of the people in the illuminated windows that you pass. 

Love is too good not to share. Consider hosting a double or triple date night with some friends, and let the conversation flow. Find out what everyone’s favourite date with their partner was, what their first impressions were and when they knew they were the one’.

Live model for each other and be impressed, or at the very least entertained by your partner’s portrait of you! Or if writing is more your thing, write your partner a poem or a love letter. Whatever medium is most you’ have fun with it and don’t take it too seriously, romance and playfulness is the aim. 

Man and woman having creative date

Get on your robes and slippers and get the facemasks going. Massaging each other is optional but recommended. Or splash out on the real thing, and go to a spa where someone else does all the work. 

Take a class together. Dance, pottery, cooking, it really doesn’t matter! Gift your partner with a class you think they’d never pick out but have a feeling they’d love.

Just DO something for your partner, keep it simple and think of some small way to make your partner feel cared for. Run them a bath, give them a kid-free few hours, sort dinner as you play their favourite album. No one knows your partner like you do, what would show them that you care? 

The poet once Rilke wrote:

I hold this to be the highest task of a bond between two people: that each should stand guard over the solitude of the other.”

Depending on how full your life schedules are, perhaps the best gift you could give your partner is some peace and quiet. But make sure to connect with them and show them you care, you’re not just ignoring them.

We’ve suggested it before and we’ll suggest it again, we love a good pillow fort. Channel your inner child! Turn your home into an escape for the evening complete with snacks and entertainment and cosy up to your love. Extra points for fairy lights.

If you try out one of these date ideas we would love to see it! Take a photo and post it on social media with the hashtag #toucantogether


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