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Do you know why people love being nostalgic? We look back on the good old days’ to feel a sense of calm and joy. According to these studies on the power of positive memories, Memories of happy experiences — especially ones that involve social interaction — seem to benefit people because they reshape how we see ourselves for the better.” This can be especially helpful within an intimate relationship. 

My wife and I have several dates scattered throughout the year that are special to us. Some of them, in no particular order, are Boston Day (the day we met up in Boston and realized for the first time there was a spark), the day of our first date, our wedding anniversary, and November 19th (don’t ask). 

These dates, along with a few others, are marked with a small heart in each of our calendars to remind us of milestones or landmark days in our relationship. Most of these days are the anniversary of something seemingly insignificant but still fun to be reminded of each year. Despite the calendar reminders and much to our dismay, we can’t go all-out to celebrate each special day every year. It’s usually just a shared laugh and a reminiscent conversation about what happened however many years ago. One notable exception is Boston Day. We like to watch a movie set in Boston and try on our best Boston accents. 

Park the car in Harvard Yard.” 

What are some landmark days in your relationship? If you can’t think of any other than a wedding anniversary, why not start some this year? You could celebrate the anniversary of going abroad together for the first time, or the day you decided to become amateur gardeners? Anything that is special to you and your partner is worthy of being remembered and celebrated for years to come. 

Remembering these moments year after year is a great way to stay intimately connected with your partner and to focus on some of the positive events in your lives. It’s also a great time to set new goals as a couple by taking stock of where you are and dreaming of where you want to go. 

What will you celebrate this year? 

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