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Changing Tides: Seasons & Transitions

Changing Tides · 4 min read

Remind yourself: It’s not wrong, it’s just different,” my coach told me during cultural training when I first moved overseas. Then she laughed, Except when it’s wrong.” 

That mindset shift was a game-changer in a time of huge transition, because it helped me to slow down and observe my new culture. To approach it with curiosity rather than judgment. That little phrase— along with some other great advice — has carried me through half a dozen big life transitions and countless small ones. 

Maybe you’re a person who relishes newness, or maybe you dread each shift in your life seasons. (Either way, I’m willing to bet your partner experiences it a bit differently than you do!). So how can we walk together well through times of change? 

Perhaps when you see your next transition on the horizon, you might consider trying one of these practices to help you through:

Life is full of change, there’s no denying that. But putting in a bit of extra time and effort to walk together well in tumultuous seasons with your partner can pay dividends well into your next phase of life together. To read more about how to thrive through different seasons and transitions, click here.

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