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Discover deeper ways to communicate and build trust with the Communication Module

The Communication Module looks at things that can get in the way of good communication and gives you practical ideas to build good habits. It also helps you iron out any bad habits and develop a deeper understanding as a couple.

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Learn to speak each other’s Love Languages®️ with the Loving Module

People tend to express love in different ways. The Loving Module will help you learn to speak your partner’s Love Language®, explore things that can get in the way of giving and receiving love and find new ways to show love to each other.

Build friendship, intimacy and a great sex-life

You’ll discover how your experiences growing up affect the way you express love now. We’ll get beyond the romantic cliches and help you explore different levels of intimacy and how to grow a great sex-life.

Find positive approaches for resolving arguments with the Conflict Module

Disagreements are a normal part of any relationship. The Conflict Module helps you explore the sources and effects of your disagreements. Work out your typical conflict style and strategies to resolve arguments in a healthy way.

You'll also discover ways of setting healthy boundaries and unlocking any arguments that get stuck.

Develop constructive ways to manage money together with the Money Module

The Money Module helps you explore your attitudes around money and navigate any pressure points to understand each other better. It’s packed with skills and tools to equip you to manage debt, savings and priorities better together.


Grow through relationship challenges with the Growing Module

The Growing Module helps you identify the current trend of your relationship. You’ll look at five common relationship challenges and discover ways to grow through them to come out stronger and closer as a couple.

Strengthen commitment and trust

With the Growing Module you’ll look at what it takes to build a strong team and a great marriage. Find shared relationship goals and explore how to grow even greater commitment and trust.

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