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Great questions for date nights

Communication · 3 min read

We’re spending more time together than ever during lockdown. Frankly sometimes I just get bored of TV. This week’s blog will give you something different to talk about as a couple and prompt some deeper, and perhaps fun, interesting conversations. 

  1. FAVOURITE THING — when you were young, what was your favourite activity or toy? What was it about that activity / toy that you liked it so much?
  2. SUPERPOWER — if you could have any superpower what would it be? How would you use it? Paint a picture for your partner of what life would be like with you if you had your chosen power.
  3. MARRIAGE MODEL — think of a married couple you admire. What is it about their marriage that you respect and value? In what way(s), if any, would you like to be more like them?
  4. ANXIOUS - what makes you feel anxious, or might make you feel anxious? If you could wave a magic wand and anxious feelings went away what would your life be like: what would you do, not do?
  5. SOMETHING NEW — if you could try doing something you have never done before, regardless of place, time or money constraints, what would it be? Dream a little about that…
  6. WHATADMIRE — tell your partner what qualities about them that you admire. 
  7. CHALLENGE — what do you find really difficult and challenging? What do you typically do when you find something hard? Is there anything you wish you could do differently?
  8. IDEAL JOB — tell your partner what you think their ideal job would be if they weren’t spending time doing what they do now. Say why you have chosen that job and what it is about your partner that would make them suit the work.
  9. EMBARRASSING MOMENT — tell your partner about an embarrassing moment in your past. How did you deal with the embarrassment?
  10. FRIENDSHIPS — who are your closest friends and what do you value about their friendship?
  11. ASCHILD — what were you afraid of? How did you deal with your fears? 
  12. DREAM FUTURE — if you could live anywhere where would you want to be and why? What would your ideal home be like?
  13. RULES - How do you feel about rules? What is good about them? What rules annoy you and why?
  14. SPIRITUAL WORLD — do you believe in an unseen realm? Is there a spiritual world? Share what you believe and what leads you to believe? 
  15. VALUES — what do you value most in life? What makes it important to you?
  16. INVENTION - if you could invent a machine, what would it do?
  17. INSECURITIES - what makes you feel insecure, or unsure? 
  18. ENERGY — tell your partner 3 things that energize you and 3 things that drain you?
  19. WISDOM — what makes someone wise? What makes someone foolish? What is the source of wisdom?
  20. FAMOUS PERSON — which famous person (dead or alive) would you like to interview? What would you ask?
  21. DREAMS — what do you dream about?
  22. HAPPY FAMILY — what do you think contributes to a happy family life? 
  23. WORLD POWER — Finish this sentence: If I ruled the world I would…
  24. SADNESS — share memories of times you were sad. What helped you through those times? Was there anything anyone said or did that was unhelpful?
  25. SKILLFUL — If you could be the best’ at anything what would it be? Describe what you would do and how…

You can also explore some fun topics together like: Time Machine, Music Memories, Strengths, Million Pound Gift and more in our blog: 10 questions to ask your partner to get to know them even better during lockdown


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