Kickstarting healthy habits in your relationship

Stories · 3 min read

Ever thought about your relationship as a muscle that you can strengthen? Hear how one couple found new ways to respond to arguments and how they were able to grow stronger in their relationship.

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Becoming a mum ...what it feels like and things no one tells you!

Stories · 8 min read

One new mum shares her moving story of pregnancy and what it’s really like becoming a mother. Hear about the joys, challenges and what your partner and friends can do to help.

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“We feel closer together, more open in our discussions and more on the same page.”

Stories · 4 min read

We interviewed Tim and Emily, teachers and musicians, about their experience with Toucan Together. They’ve been married 20+ years, attended marriage courses before and had lots to share about the app.

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“It’s an app that’s really helped us in our marriage!”

Stories · 2 min read

One couple share how the couple app, Toucan Together has helped them make real quality time to talk and grow in understanding. It's also given tools and strategies to work on together.

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‘If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It…’ or, why it’s important to be attentive to your partner

Stories · 5 min read

Sometimes we assume that ‘no news is good news’, that if we’re not arguing then everything must be ok. Jon Stockley makes the case for setting aside time to explore the deeper stuff with your partner.

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How we turned our dead marriage into a fulfilling relationship

Stories · 6 min read

This couple managed to turn their failing marriage into a happy, thriving one! Find out how they saved their relationship in this blog from Kate and Harry Benson.

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