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Understanding Us: Community

Understanding Us · 2 min read

Community. Tribe. Squad. Circle. 

Who’s in yours?

A few weeks ago we wrote about the importance of having community while you are in a relationship. Research shows that couples who are isolated are more likely to break up than those with social connections. 

The people that surround us, by choice or by chance, play an important role in our relationship. They could be coworkers, neighbours, family members, church friends, etc. 

My wife and I used to live down the street from some of our closest friends. They are a little older than us and have 3 teenage kids, so it’s safe to say we were in different life stages. It wasn’t uncommon for a drop-in visit or a spontaneous phone call just to say hey (I mean who does that these days?). My wife and I loved having them so close by. We could count on them for almost anything. 

At the same time, we lived on the opposite side of the world from some of our other best friends. We kept in touch by way of group chat and the occasional scheduled video call. We couldn’t just pop by for dinner, but similarly we knew we could count on them when times were tough. 

And there have been tough times when we needed to call on these friends, and it didn’t matter if they were down the street or across the globe, they were there for us. We are a stronger couple because of these people, and we hope that our influence on their lives is the same. 

In order to better understand ourselves, we need to take a look at who we have around us. 

Answer these questions together and take some time this week to think about those around you. 


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