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Understanding Us: Cultural Identity

Growing · 2 min read

Last week we talked about how families influence the way we do relationships. So let’s zoom out a little more. 

It’s not only who we grew up around that influences us, it’s also where.

The culture of where we come from. You may have grown up geographically close to your partner, but still your cultural identity could be completely different. The word culture’ can encompass quite a bit — like ethnicity, religion, socioeconomic status, values, traditions, and more. 

Culture can influence things like who typically does the chores, who stays home with the kids, what age you choose to get married or have kids if at all, or even how involved your in-laws are in your life. It can also influence whether you pray before a meal, go to church, or choose to raise your kids in a certain religion. 

Every relationship is cross-cultural no matter how similar your upbringing was as we are the product of many different cultures. However your cultural identity looks, it is unique to you and will take some time for your partner to fully understand. 

Take time this week to ask your partner these questions, and try to understand more about where they grew up and how that plays out in your relationship today. 


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