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Every marriage is cross cultural: how to navigate unspoken expectations

Stories · 4 min read

What do you do when you and your partner are more different than you realised? When we fall in love with someone we don't know everything about them. What assumptions do you have about each other?

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Here is a simple way to change your partner's behaviour

Communication · 2 min read

Have you ever wished that your partner acted differently? Is it really possible to change them? You may think it's not, but in this blog we talk about a different strategy to change their ways.

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Caught in the Web: how might social media be affecting your relationship?

Facing Challenges · 5 min read

Many of us find scrolling our favourite social media platforms relaxing and enjoyable. However there can be unforeseen issues for your relationship. This blog suggests some healthy boundaries.

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How to apologise really well (and avoid typical mistakes)

Facing Challenges · 8 min read

We all hurt the people we love sometimes. Saying sorry well helps deal with the hurt, restore trust and the relationship. It’s a life skill worth learning. This blog covers 5 points of a good apology.

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Physical touch: how important is it (even if it’s not your top Love Language)?

Love and Sex · 5 min read

We all know physical touch is part of romantic relationships, but is it vital? Does it matter if you’re touching less as a couple? How are relationships affected by physical touch ...or a lack of it?

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Can talking with a counsellor ever be a substitute for sharing your heart with your partner?

Facing Challenges · 4 min read

Counselling can be a gift and a lifeline. Can it get in the way of open, honest communication with your partner and growing a thriving marriage ? What are the warning signs?

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