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Dealing with depression and grief: helping yourself, a partner, family member or friend

Facing Challenges · 6 min read

Many of us will experience, or be alongside someone who is experiencing depression and grief at some time in our lives. Christine Daniel shares personal stories, resources and helpful principles.

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The Importance of Being Celebrated

Growing · 4 min read

When was the last time you raised a glass to honour your partner? Recognising their accomplishments no matter how big or small can mean a great deal to them. Here are tips for celebrating your partner

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What it's really like being married to a strong woman...

Marriage · 3 min read

Someone once asked me what it was like to be married to a strong woman. My wife is one of the strongest people I know, and being married to her is a privilege. But what is it really like?

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9 Easy Spring Date Ideas

Growing · 4 min read

Spring is officially here! The days are longer and warmer. It's time to take your partner out for a different kind of date! Grow closer together as you observe things growing in the natural world.

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Becoming a mother, what no one tells you …or dad!

Communication · 3 min read

Becoming a mom can be one of the most exciting yet terrifying experiences in a woman's life, and while there are innumerable resources about parenting there are still things books just won't tell you.

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What guys - and couples - need to know about pornography

Love and Sex · 5 min read

Many people think pornography is a great way to enhance their sex life, but there are serious downsides for couples. Sex Therapist Emma Waring looks at the effects, latest research and support

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