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Best ways to manage money positively as a couple

Money · 6 min read

Managing your finances together can be a minefield, whether you’re married or living together. We give you 5 helpful guidelines so you can handle money positively and build trust as a couple.

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Becoming a mum ...what it feels like and things no one tells you!

Stories · 8 min read

One new mum shares her moving story of pregnancy and what it’s really like becoming a mother. Hear about the joys, challenges and what your partner and friends can do to help.

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The Marshmallow Experiment: powerful insights for success in your relationships

Marriage · 3 min read

Ever heard of the Marshmallow Experiment? This surprising study reveals important insights for anyone who wants to succeed at something, and that includes having a happy marriage and family life.

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What a man is looking for in a wife...

Marriage · 6 min read

Sometimes there can be cliché answers to the question of what a man wants in a relationship. One husband of 32 years gave us insightful and inspiring thoughts about what makes a good marriage partner.

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‘Red Flags’ in relationships: what are some early warning signs of problems

Facing Challenges · 3 min read

Most of us feel confident that we know what makes a good relationship and believe those things are in place. But abuse happens. Why? Bekah Legg, Director of Restored, helps us spot some warning signs.

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Relationship ‘Fake News’: sex and intimacy

Love and Sex · 5 min read

Here's our list of the top myths about sex! Take a look and see if you believed any of these misconceptions about intimacy…

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