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Can talking with a counsellor ever be a substitute for sharing your heart with your partner?

Facing Challenges · 4 min read

Counselling can be a gift and a lifeline. Can it get in the way of open, honest communication with your partner and growing a thriving marriage ? What are the warning signs?

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Doing these things will drain your partner's 'love tank'!

Love and Sex · 4 min read

The 5 Love Languages are a great tool to help strengthen relationships. They can also help you understand why sometimes your partner feels unloved and show you how to keep their ‘love tank’ full.

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Revitalise your communication with these three easy ways and stay deeply connected as a couple

Communication · 3 min read

Communication can easily feel a little flat, especially when you’re busy and feeling pressured. Here are three great questions to build intimacy and trust ...and perhaps a new communication habit?

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Kickstarting healthy habits in your relationship

Stories · 3 min read

Ever thought about your relationship as a muscle that you can strengthen? Hear how one couple found new ways to respond to arguments and how they were able to grow stronger in their relationship.

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What kind of listener are you?

Communication · 4 min read

Someone once said: “Anyone can talk, but to listen is a gift”. When we recognise our bad habits we can choose to become a better listener. Which one of the 5 communication styles do you identify with?

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How to spot ‘victim mentality’ ...and what to do about it

Facing Challenges · 3 min read

It’s subtle, often barely noticeable, leading to unhealthy patterns of interacting - we show you how to spot a victim mentality and ensure communication with your partner is win:win

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