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How full, or empty, is your “love tank”?

Love and Sex · 4 min read

“The greatest gift one lover has to give another, is emotionally attuned attention and timely responsiveness.” Dr Sue Johnson. How can we be attuned to each other's love needs?

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Going deeper in your communication to build real intimacy and trust

Communication · 4 min read

It’s important that we recognise the signs when a relationship is starting to drift and do something about it, because we can. We can improve our connection and grow in intimacy and trust.

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Worried about life after lockdown? Here’s how you can talk to your partner about your anxiety...

3 min read

Thinking about expressing your feelings of anxiety is enough to make anyone nervous. Here's how you can take the pressure off...

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We asked a sex therapist for her top 3 tips on how to improve intimacy in the bedroom (or wherever takes your fancy)

Love and Sex · 4 min read

We asked registered sex therapist Emma Waring for her top 3 tips on how to make sex intimate and exciting, and how to overcome some of the barriers that couples often face in their sex lives.

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Hear what this interracial couple has to say about communication and supporting one another during the Black Lives Matter movement

4 min read

Malcolm and Maria tell us what impact being from different cultural backgrounds has on their relationship as a interracial married couple.

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10 tips to make talking about money with your partner a little bit easier

Money · 4 min read

Why is it so difficult to talk about money? And how can you and your partner get better at it? Here’s our top 10 tips!

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