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Marriage: what's good about it?

Marriage · 4 min read

You meet someone, fall in love and at some point she is likely to start scrolling Pinterest boards for wedding ideas. So we thought we’d ask: what’s the big deal about marriage?

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We interviewed Emma and Adam about why they decided to get married and what keeps them together

Marriage · 3 min read

This month the couple celebrate their third wedding anniversary. They talked to us about the benefits of being married, the challenges and how they keep their relationship fresh.

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8 tips and truths for parenting young children and staying strong as a couple

Facing Challenges · 9 min read

The Pandemic has challenged us all but there are valuable things we can learn to apply as we come out of lockdown - things that really matter in parenting and will help you stay strong as a couple.

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The ‘Beautiful Butterfly’ becomes an ‘Ugly Moth’

Communication · 2 min read

In the early days of a relationship we see all the positives, but after a while we tend to view our partner through a more critical lens. How can we keep the relationship colourful and beautiful?

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Why women sometimes find it hard to get excited about sex and what you can do about it

Love and Sex · 5 min read

It’s surprisingly common for women to experience times when they have difficulty in getting sexually aroused, so we asked registered sex therapist Emma Waring for her advice for couples...

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Don’t say these things if you want your argument to go well!

Facing Challenges · 6 min read

We explore some of the things that are likely to inflame arguments and make them much worse. We also point to healthier ways of managing communication to help you achieve understanding and resolution.

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