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How romantic are you REALLY?! Take this quiz to find out

Love and Sex · 5 min read

Some people are natural romantics - grand ideas and strong emotions. Others have to put a little extra work in to sweep their partner off their feet. Take this quiz to find out how romantic you are!

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'You vs. Me' or 'You & Me vs. The Problem'

Facing Challenges · 6 min read

When problems arise how do you and your partner react? Do you blame each other or work together to find a solution? Starting with the mindset of a shared problem can help you work them out as a team.

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Time doesn't heal (all) wounds, but forgiveness does

Communication · 2 min read

How much time does it take to really heal from deep hurt? Are you still waiting for that emotional wound to recover? What if time doesn't heal all wounds? Healing begins with the courage to forgive.

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Things I wished I’d known before I got divorced. Emily’s story.

Stories · 8 min read

10 years on Emily reflects on her divorce, what it was like and the painful effects on her ex, the children and herself, even though she was the one that instigated separation.

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The best resolution you can make: Invest in what matters challenge

Growing · 2 min read

New Year's resolutions can quickly be forgotten. Invest in what matters this year: your most intimate relationship. Take your Pulse every month and see your relationship heartbeat grow stronger!

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Should your Christmas traditions change...?

Communication · 3 min read

Christmas traditions can be very important to people, but what if you don't want to do what your partner has always done every year? Creating new traditions is a great way to grow closer together.

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