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Happy ever after? How to have a fulfilling sex life in long term relationships

Love and Sex · 7 min read

How do we keep sex exciting after the novelty factor with our partner has started wearing off? Sex therapist Emma Waring shares 6 tips for a good sex life in marriage and long term relationships.

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How to grow intimacy and connection with your partner, and not to malfunction when they tread on a ‘raw spot’

Love and Sex · 5 min read

We can start to malfunction both emotionally and behaviourally when we feel disconnected but, if we reflect and respond differently we can grow intimacy and connection. Jenny Peters shows you how...

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How to ensure you're communicating LOVE when you're talking to your partner

Communication · 3 min read

Ever had that moment when you’ve said something and wish you hadn’t? This simple communication skill will help you develop a habit of speaking words that build up and show love.

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Our marriage survived a string of affairs

Facing Challenges · 4 min read

Monday’s Daily Mail featured Mark & Christine Daniel - creators of Toucan Together. In this blog they candidly share their story of forgiveness and rebuilding of intimacy and trust in their marriage.

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Marriage: what's good about it?

Marriage · 4 min read

You meet someone, fall in love and at some point she is likely to start scrolling Pinterest boards for wedding ideas. So we thought we’d ask: what’s the big deal about marriage?

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We interviewed Emma and Adam about why they decided to get married and what keeps them together

Marriage · 3 min read

This month the couple celebrate their third wedding anniversary. They talked to us about the benefits of being married, the challenges and how they keep their relationship fresh.

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