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Understanding Us: Family

Understanding Us · 2 min read

Families, our home culture, have the first and most important role in our growth and development. So how do they affect our adult romantic relationships? For better or worse family plays a huge part.

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Supporting your partner during family reunions

Communication · 3 min read

Let's get real about family gatherings - they can be a lot, especially for a partner. Reunions can be amazing, but before you head off to the next one make sure you know how to support your partner.

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If you love something, set it free

Facing Challenges · 3 min read

Have you ever known someone who gets 'lost' in a relationship or a couple who just seems to merge into one person? While that might seem appealing on the surface, it could be damaging down the road.

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12 HOT summer date ideas

Love and Sex · 5 min read

Date your partner! It's one of the simplest ways to grow intimacy in your relationship. Need some ideas on what to do? Have we got a blog for you. Check out these hot summer date ideas and go on one!

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The secret to traveling with kids

Facing Challenges · 5 min read

Traveling doesn't have to stop when you have kids. It doesn't even have to be difficult! Read these life saving travel tips from a mom who has traveled with her 3 kids all over the world.

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What I wish I knew before my wedding day

Marriage · 4 min read

Can your wedding day really be the best day of your life? Planning a wedding can be one of the most stressful things people do. We asked married folks what they wish they knew before their big day.

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