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Validation: A powerful communication skill you’ll want to to master

Communication · 5 min read

We want our communication to build understanding and connection, but sometimes our interactions turn into arguments instead. What causes that, and how can we communicate to grow a closer relationship?

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How not to divorce: ‘be an island with a jetty!’

Facing Challenges · 4 min read

The story of how one couple found themselves on ‘separate islands’, experiencing communication breakdown, and one simple thing you can do to prevent yourself sliding into separation and divorce.

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How to keep your love - and marriage - strong in the chaos of babies, children and family life

Love and Sex · 6 min read

Children change the way you relate as a couple. Lockdown and other stresses will also impact your relationship in unexpected ways. Jenny Peters shares her 3 tips for keeping your love strong.

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Love, intimacy, sex to make your relationship thrive

Love and Sex · 5 min read

This blog explores how love, sex and intimacy are linked, and ways of meeting your partner’s love needs to help you build a lasting relationship that thrives.

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Low sex drive? Here’s what women can do about it...

Love and Sex · 6 min read

We asked registered sex therapist Emma Waring about what causes a low sex drive in women; what affects her desire and how to deal with the causes, so that couples can face any issues together.

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Roles we can play in our relationships and in marriage and how they might cause problems

Facing Challenges · 6 min read

We all learn to play certain ‘roles’ growing up, which later on may cause stress and arguments with your partner. What roles have you taken up? Which ones would you like to adapt, or throw out?

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