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Time for a check up: maintain your relationship for long term growth

Communication · 2 min read

Relationship maintenance can be likened to that of a car or one's teeth. It may not always feel necessary to check in with each other, but it might save you from a season of hardship down the line.

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It takes a village -- blended or blood

Growing · 10 min read

How do you grow as a blended family? Being a stepparent can be a daunting idea, but it doesn't have to be. Mark and Odette share how they've navigated 25 years of marriage as a blended family.

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Here is why the 50:50 model doesn't work in relationships

Growing · 3 min read

The 50:50 model is commonly referred to as the best way to do life together and share responsibilities. But what if each partner always gave 100% regardless of what the other is doing?

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The secrets of staying close as a couple

Facing Challenges · 4 min read

Relationships are always changing and evolving. Sometimes we feel close but we can also find ourselves drifting apart. There are hidden dangers in the drift - do you ever say or do these things?

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9 cosy date ideas for autumn

Love and Sex · 5 min read

These date ideas for autumn are sure to bring some fun into your relationship. Take your partner outside or cosy up together indoors. There are many ways to have fun together this fall season.

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Do you play the 'guess-what-I-want' game

Communication · 2 min read

Can your partner read your mind? How can they know what you really want if you don't tell them? Playing the guessing game in relationships can lead to frustrations. Be bold and ask for what you want.

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