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The best resolution you can make: Invest in what matters challenge

Growing · 2 min read

New Year's resolutions can quickly be forgotten. Invest in what matters this year: your most intimate relationship. Take your Pulse every month and see your relationship heartbeat grow stronger!

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Should your Christmas traditions change...?

Communication · 3 min read

Christmas traditions can be very important to people, but what if you don't want to do what your partner has always done every year? Creating new traditions is a great way to grow closer together.

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4 simple tips for staying happy and argument free in your family this Christmas

Communication · 3 min read

The lure of a ‘perfect’ Christmas lurks in our subconscious but the reality often involves stress and arguments. Dial down the pressure and create a more peaceful celebration with these great ideas...

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10 cheap winter date ideas

Love and Sex · 4 min read

Don't get stuck on the couch every night just because it's cold and dark! Here are some cheap date ideas for you and your partner to enjoy during the winter. Romance your partner this Christmas!

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Tough times build tougher relationships

Growing · 3 min read

Even the most solid couples will go through tough times. Illness. Infertility. Transition. The loss of a loved one. A pandemic. These difficult seasons are an opportunity to grow stronger together.

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Time for a check up: maintain your relationship for long term growth

Communication · 2 min read

Relationship maintenance can be likened to that of a car or one's teeth. It may not always feel necessary to check in with each other, but it might save you from a season of hardship down the line.

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