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8 things you need to know about marriage and ‘happily ever after’

Marriage · 6 min read

Many couples marry the person they consider to be their soulmate, hoping for a wonderful future together. What are the truth and lies about ‘happily ever after’ and how can you have a good marriage?

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Why arguing with your partner isn’t a sign that you’re not meant to be together

Facing Challenges · 5 min read

Relationships involve two different people with different experiences and perspectives. We shouldn’t be surprised that couples argue, but we can learn to manage conflict in a healthy way.

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Low sex drive? Here’s what guys can do about it

Love and Sex · 5 min read

We asked a registered sex therapist about what causes a low sex drive in men; what affects his desire and how to deal with the causes of low sexual desire, so that couples can face any issues together

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“It’s an app that’s really helped us in our marriage!”

Stories · 2 min read

One couple share how the couple app, Toucan Together has helped them make real quality time to talk and grow in understanding. It's also given tools and strategies to work on together.

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Great ideas to add some fun to your staycation as a couple

Facing Challenges · 3 min read

We’ve put together ten ideas to make your staycation this summer a little different from lockdown at home. We’ve also added some tips to help you rest well and recharge your batteries.

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How full, or empty, is your “love tank”?

Love and Sex · 4 min read

“The greatest gift one lover has to give another, is emotionally attuned attention and timely responsiveness.” Dr Sue Johnson. How can we be attuned to each other's love needs?

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